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  About National Dry Fruit
  National dry fruit is a fast-growing, international holding company specializing in agricultural-based commodity trading. Our team consist of highly-focused experts who work with clients around the globe - U.S., Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Russia, Gulf and more. Our expertise and understanding of the dynamics of international dry fruit markets and ability to translate that understanding and expertise into mutually profitable opportunities for our buyers and suppliers. Our goal is to consistently provide cost-effective solutions, customized service and guidance - every time, all the time.

National dry fruit’s  broad experience acquired during two decades of working in the international market-built by its partner-directors-gives us the credentials & expertise to handle all the stages of the foreign trade. With this know-how, National dry fruit. can satisfy both suppliers and buyers by not only meeting their needs but also exceeding their expectations by prioritizing safety, reliability and by strengthening partnerships.

National dry fruit is well known among trade professionals for its prompt and qualified execution of contracts. National dry fruit’s bankers and trade partners attest that National dry fruit. is well versed in its line of Business. This confidence in professional circle has been achieved with hard work shown by National dry fruit Management and its expert team.
  Products Categories
Cumin Seed
Hulled Sesame seed
Natural Black Sesame Seed
Natural White Sesame Seed
Guar Seeds
Green Mung Bean
Moth Beans
Licorice Roots / Glycyrrhizic
Pistachios Nuts-Kernel
Afghani Natural Sesame Seed
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