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  Cumin Seed
We are leading Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters of Cumin seeds with experience of 22 years. Cumin seeds are one of the widely used spices in our day to day cuisines. These seeds are widely used in the preparation of curries, soups, vegetables etc and give them a strong aroma and favorable taste. The dried seed of the herb cumminum cyminum is known as cumin. our rich quality cumin extracts natural sweetness out of all the dishes and consequently used in many dishes like tacos, enchiladas, curries, salsa for seasoning purposes. The colour of cumin is light and tastes relatively hotter .our product is highly appreciated by clients for its rich aroma and high nutritive value. Additionally, cumin is used in various cuisines in India. Cumin has got varied uses, which can be summarized as:
  • As spice
  • As tea used to soothe acute stomach problems.
  • Help with digestion
Cumin seed is also known for its curing characteristics and hence it is used in many herbal and Ayurvedic medicines
  • Synonyms: Cuminum cyminum L., Cuminum odorum
  • Latin Name: Cuminum cyminum
  • Country of origin: Pakistan
  • Plant part used: Seeds
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation of the dried seeds
  • Family: Umbelliferae
  • Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellowish green to brownish color
  • Perfumery Note: Middle
  • Major Component: Cuminaldehyde, γ-terpienene, para-cymene, ß-piene, menthadienals
  • Aromatherapy Uses: It is useful as warming oil that helps relieve muscular pains and also improve digestive system of our body. Cumin essential oil is a tonic with beneficial effect on headaches, migraine pain and nervous exhaustion.
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